New arrival Boba 4G baby carrier review

Best Boba 4G baby carrier review 2018

This is one of the new arrival Boba 4g baby carriers. The previous version is the 3g baby carriers and this specific version is 4g which has some additional features from 3g carrier. This is currently a top selling and top rated baby carrier on the market. It is also available number of colors and good for both gender parents to use. One of the very few baby carriers which are released in 2018 and performing well.

This is also a plus size carrier with straps up to 58 inches. So if you are  plus size parent, this will suit you too. Casual sizes parents can also wear without any problem. This is also a very affordable baby carrier with free shipping and huge discount on amazon.

Important features are:

  1. Made with 100% cotton
  2. Free from any potential harmful materials or dyes
  3. The 4G baby carrier will take your little one from infancy to toddler.
  4. Very comfortable for mother and baby
  5. Lightweight and simple to use
  6. Fits heights 5’0″ – 6’3″ Waistband range: 25″ – 58″ (plus sizes)
  7. Baby weight recommendation: 7lbs – 45lb
  8. Ergonomic design – Great feature
  9. Foot straps & Multiple adjustments

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Best Boba 4g baby carrier review - top rated and best boba 4g carrier

Best Boba 4g baby carrier review – top rated and best boba 4g carrier

Let’s see some customer reviews:

This fits me better than it fits my husband but we can both wear it with our newborn and I can wear it with our 18 month both front and back. I am 5’10” and 250 and my husband is 6’4″ and 250 and there is still plenty of strap to be able to make it bigger as well as wear it comfortably if we were smaller.
The infant insert is a little uncomfortable against the stomach but too bad and it fits better once you can use it in the open position. Love the color and kangaroo and the strap up top to hold purses is very appreciated. This carrier allowed us to get a lot of things done in the last month with our newborn that would have been made more difficult if we hadn’t had a hands free item.

This is one of the very few baby carriers with more than 4.5/5 star rating. Some of the amazing features listed by the customers about this baby carrier are;

  1. Ergonomically correct position for the baby
  2. More adjustment points than the Ergo
  3. The highest back of any carrier on the market
  4. Infant insert is included, unlike the Ergo which requires you to buy the infant insert separately
  5. The hood and the footstraps are included and are both removable.
  6. EXCELLENT customer service. Just as good as Amazon’s service from what I have seen!

This is definitely one of the best on the market. If you are looking to get this baby carrier, feel free to purchase it. As you know if you don’t like, Amazon offers free returns and money back guarantee. 🙂


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