Infantino Swift Classic baby carrier for $20

Best affordable Infantino Swift Classic review

This is one of the very cheapest and very good quality baby carrier on the market. You can get this baby carrier for under $20 dollars with free shipping which is a very cheap price. This is also a top selling baby carrier with more than 500 unit sold on amazon and excellent rated by customers.

This is a very simple baby carrier. One person can put the baby in or out and can easily travel anywhere wearing this carrier. This is more suitable for newborn and infants. This baby carrier has very long adjustable straps so good for a plus size parent too.

Let’s see some important features of this carrier:

  1. 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs
  2. Padded shoulder straps
  3. Washable and wipeable fabric
  4. Padded head support for the baby
  5. Adjustable fit side straps for comfortable baby carrying
  6. Unisex
  7. Can use anywhere
  8. Good for plus size parents too

Get this carrier for less than $20!!

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier review - best cheap under $20 dollar newborn/infant carrier

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier review – best cheap under $20 dollar newborn/infant carrier

Let’s go through some customer reviews:

As a¬†first-time mom and passionate penny pincher, I try to only buy the baby items I really will use because there are so many baby items out there that aren’t necessary! That being said, my daughter was 4 weeks old and I still hadn’t figured out how to tie the Moby Wrap I’d received as a gift by myself. I know others swear by those types of carriers but as a small person with short arms I had a terrible time with it, so I decided to try this Infantino Carrier to see how I liked it.
The day it came I was home alone and was a little intimidated to try it without my husband around to help me, but I opened the box and less than 2 minutes later it was on with my baby inside and we were both happy! She’s happy to be close to me and hear my heartbeat and I’m able to be hands-free and getting stuff done around the house! My manly, no frills, army veteran husband even wears it, as the patterned bib you see in the photo is detachable and then it’s just a simple black carrier, which is a must because I was not going to buy 2 just so he’d have one to wear.
I’ve had multiple people comment on how cool it is when I’m out in public, and best of all it’s very easy to put on and comfortable for both baby and me. Highly recommend- this is one of the best items I’ve purchased for my daughter so far!

Baby carriers are the best!

As you can see about, this baby carrier has got very good reviews. If you are looking for a basic baby carrier just for the basic needs, such as to carry baby when going for a walk or shopping, this is perfectly fine. Expensive baby carriers such as Ergo or Beco has more advanced features such as back carrying option, front carrying option and can be adjusted for a growing baby.

But this is good a a newborn to a baby of 1 year. Very simple and if you are a single parent, then this is good as this can be handled by only one person. This is also very comfortable for both the baby and the parent. Conclusion is that if you are looking for a baby carrier which is simple and affordable this is definitely the best choice for you.


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