Best twin baby carriers of 2018 – Baby carrier for twins

Best twin baby carriers of 2018 – to carry 2 babies

Well, first congratulations on your twins! Babies are adorable and it is our duty to take care of them well. If you are looking to buy a baby carrier for your twins, then you are in the right place. Here i am going to list the top baby carriers in the market for twins. These are specifically made to carry two babies at once and these would be the perfect choice of carriers for you.

If you are looking for a single baby carrying carrier, then your options are wide. There are so many baby carriers which are excellent to carry one baby. But it is not easy to find a carrier for twins which is with great quality and ergonomically good for both the carrier and the babies. But here i am going to list two best baby carriers on the market for twins which are absolutely best.

1) TwinGo Adjustable baby carrier for twins

This is currently one of the best baby carrier on the market for twins. This is an amazing baby carrier with many features. This is an adjustable baby carrier which 1 parent can carry both the babies ( front and back) or it can be made into two baby carriers so that 2 parents can carry 1 baby each. It is one of the best feature in this baby carrier, so that you don’t have to buy extra baby carriers to carry the babies separately.

Let’s go through the main features of this baby carrier.

  1. 100% Cotton Black exterior
  2. Imported and strong
  3. Use as twin carrier or separate to be a single carrier.
  4. Ergonomic design supports a child’s developing hips and spine.
  5. Wearing two in the front/back position distributes weight around the parent’s waist providing a balanced feel.
  6. More economical than buying two separate carriers for tandem wearing.
  7. Adjustable waist and shoulder straps allow for a custom fit for adults 4’11” to 6’5″.
2018 Best adjustable baby carrier for twins - best twin baby carrier

One parent can both the child at once in this twin carrier (front/back)

Best and top twin baby carrier for parents 2018

You can split the baby carrier and both parents can carry one child/baby each











As you can see, this is a an adjustable carrier which you can adjust for your needs. This is also a very strong baby carrier which you can use to carry baby/children from 10 lb (4.6 kg) and 40 lb (18.2 kg).

Children must face toward you at all times to ensure balance and safety. Also make sure not use the Back Carry Position with a baby younger than 4 months or with poor head and neck control since you can’t give full attention to them. Dual carry weight not to exceed 70 lb (31.8 kg). This baby carrier is the perfect baby carrier if you have twins or two children/babies to carry!

2) Stuff 4 Multiples Twingaroo Twin Carrier

This is stuff 4 multiples twin baby carrier, which is one of the best baby carriers for twins. This is a highly rated baby carrier for twins. It it also one of the simple but very effective baby carrier. This baby carrier has excellent rating on amazon and you can buy with free shipping.

Important features:

  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Adjustable waistband extends up to 78″
  3. Wide, padded waist belt disburses weight comfortably and evenly for optimum support
  4. Can be used for 2 children of similar or different weight
  5. Diaper bag in the back includes two insulated bottle holders and 2 separate compartments for diapers, a change of clothes, and much more
  6. Comfortable and airy
Twingaroo baby carrier for twin to carry 2 babies at once

Twingaroo baby carrier for twin to carry 2 baby at once

Mininum weight recommendation of the baby carrier is 10 pounds and maximum weight recommendation is 35 pounds. Customer reviews claims that this is one of the comfortable baby carrier. This baby carrier has a diaper bag to put baby’s tings like diaper or tissues.


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