Best Ergobaby Performance baby carrier review

Best Ergobaby Performance baby carrier review

This is Ergo’s Performance carrier. One of the new arrivals and top selling baby carriers of 2018. ErgoBaby is a well known brand and the quality is absolutely fantastic. Ergobaby is one of the great products from Ergo in baby carriers. Ergobaby  Performance carrier which comes in two colors/styles. This is an imported and unisex baby carrier with modern and advanced features.

This is made up with very good material which is comfortable and at the same time very strong. Performance carrier has been purchased more than 70 times and gotten an average rating of 4.4/5 starts. Ergobaby is a very high rating for baby carrier which is very good. This is rated by actual consumers who purchased and used this baby carrier.

Some important features are;

  1. Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the hips and shoulders
  2. Ergonomic for Baby
  3. Baby is cradled in a natural sitting position
  4. 3 Carry Positions: Front, Back and Hip
  5. 7-45 lb/3.2 – 20 kg (Newborn with Infant Insert)
  6. Machine washable
  7. Durable and light weight

Get ErgoBaby Performance carrier!

best Ergobaby performance baby carrier - comfortable and best quality carrier

best Ergobaby performance baby carrier – comfortable and best quality carrier

Let’s go through some customer reviews:

I highly recommend this carrier. My daughter is 8 months old and I’ve loved carrying her in the Moby wrap. At 20 pounds, my daughter was getting too heavy for the Moby wrap (it would stretch out very quickly during wear, also putting strain on my back), so I was looking for something more structured with better support. I looked at and tried out many different models. I opted for the Performance carrier over other Ergo models, as it’s a more breathable fabric to keep both Mommy/Daddy and baby cooler. It’s also extremely comfortable for long-term carry.
The ERGO is MUCH easier to put on than a Moby, with simple buckles that are easy to squeeze open as opposed to the Beco Gemini and Butterfly models. While ERGO doesn’t allow for facing out while front carrying, I’m not too disappointed (Moby doesn’t allow it either). With ERGO, I also have the option to side or back carry. The weight is situated on the shoulders and hips, helping to relieve back strain. The shoulder straps are extremely padded and don’t pull tightly. The baby is held in a seated carry, putting less stress on baby’s hips.

As you see above, this baby carrier got very good reviews from the customers who used it. This carrier has gotten above average rating and one of the top selling baby registry item on amazon. This is also one of the very good baby carriers to keep the baby cool in a warm temperature.

But there are also few drawbacks in this baby carrier. Mainly that you need to purchase Infant insert for babies under 3 months to fit more comfortably. Other than that, this baby carrier is definitely one of the best and if you prefer Ergo models specifically, you should get this carrier.


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