Best ERGObaby baby carrier 2018 – Organic black carrier

Best ERGObaby baby carrier 2018 – Organic black baby carrier

Ergo baby baby carriers are one of the best baby carriers. This is Organic black Ergobaby Baby carrier. Best quality branded carriers for both genders. It can be used by the mother, father and even grandparents very easily. This is one of the safest and easiest baby carrier.

This specific carrier is in black and one of the must have best and versatile baby carrier. It is one of the most sold and excellent reviewed baby gadget on the market.


  1. 100% certified organic cotton
  2. Can carry maximum of 45 pounds weight
  3. Unisex
  4. Front, back, and hip carry positions
  5. Machine washable
  6. Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  7. Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position

Check out this carrier!

Men's Ergobaby best baby carrier for baby and toddlers 2018 - organic black carrier

Ergobaby best baby carrier for baby and toddlers 2018 – organic black carrier

Let’s go through some real customer reviews on this baby carrier:

We have a Baby Bjorn, a Snugli and an Ergo Baby. The Ergo Baby is the one we use, the other two we donated to the salvation army. We also had 2 slings (both donated from friends)

The big advantage the Ergo has is the waist strap. This shifts a significant amount of weight to your hips. Otherwise the entire weight is held on your shoulders, which gets to be quite uncomfortable after a while.

By putting the weight on your hips, the Ergo Baby makes it possible to carry a child who weighs more and for a longer period of time. I wish we’d found this with our first child, as it would have saved us money (for the other ones we bought) and our aching backs!!!!

There’s also a couple of pockets – one with a zipper. Good place to put your cell phone, wallet, etc. The Snugli had a pocket with snap, while the Bjorn had none. The Ergo is not as sleek and attractive as our navy blue Bjorn. Our Ergo was a gift and it came in a pale turquoise. I think the black Ergo looks better, but it’s still not as sleek and stylish as the Baby Bjorn. Frankly, after a few weeks of a newborn crying at all hours, looking hip comes way down the list after comfort, convenience and sleep…. Just saying…

The only complaint would be that it takes some practice to use the side carry and rear carry positions. The DVD does show how it’s done, but it really helps to have someone who is familiar with the process or have someone spotting you the first time you use it in these positions.

Baby carrier!

As you can see most of the customers are very pleased with this baby carrier. This is a very simple and best baby carrier for a normal and casual usage. This baby carrier had gotten 4.6/5 stars out of 233 customer reviews. That is an excellent review for baby carrier.

Hip lace weight lift easy and comfortable best baby carriers for 2018 - Ergobaby black organic

Hip lace weight lift easy and comfortable best baby carriers for 2018 – Ergobaby

If you are looking for a reliable, simple and the best quality baby carrier, then this might be the one for you. Go ahead and purchase it. You won’t be disappointed.


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