Best baby carriers reviews of 2016

Best baby carriers review 2016

Baby carriers became absolutely important baby items over the time. Here i am going to give the list of the best modern baby carriers of all needs.This collection includes the baby carriers, baby wraps and backpack child carriers. I am including the top selling and best rated baby carriers of 2014. There are many features you need to consider when buying a baby carrier / infant carrier.

It is very important to have a ergonomically correct and the safe baby carrier. For the safety of the baby a baby carrier should be trustworthy. It is better to go for a branded baby carrier, than just a normal one. There are many well known baby carrier brands. They are very well established and has their own lab for testing the baby carriers, which is excellent for the consumers. Let’s go thorough some baby carrier brands.

Best Baby Carrier Brands

Why is it important to go for a best and branded baby carrier? Because branded baby carriers are safety tested, certified and they are at their best quality.  They are also ergonomically, so not only babies, but parents also will enjoy the carrying time without having to worry about after pains in the hips or shoulders.

Baby carriers are available in different price ranges from as low as $15 dollars to up to $200 dollars. Child carriers are available up to $300 dollars from $150. Let’s go through some baby carrier brands. Famous and best selling baby carrier brands of 2014 are,

  1. BabyBjorn
  2. ErgoBaby
  3. Beco
  4. Boba
  5. Baby K’tan
  6. Infantino
  7. Chicco

These above mentioned brands are currently the best and top selling baby carrier brands. Modern baby carriers has many features such as many carrying options and easily adjustable to growing baby. These are amazing baby carriers which one must have.

How to choose the best baby carrier

This is the hardest part of buying a baby carrier. Selecting a best one according to your needs is very important. There are many baby carriers with different features. The expensive carriers are adjustable and it grows with baby. Which means you can use it for newborn to an infant. Some are child carriers which is good for bigger babies. Below mentioned facts are important in selecting a best carrier.

  1. Budget – Always fix your budget first. It is important to know your budget and then find a one according to it. If you have flexible budget, then you need to go to the next step

  2. Type of carrier – Plan how long you will be using your baby carrier. If you are a person who will be using it everyday for hours and hours, then it is a good idea to get Ergonomically safe and adjustable baby carrier. If you are not using it very much, then good to go with a normal carrier.
  3. For Hiking/climbing – There are specially made backpack carriers for hiking or climbing lie fun activities. These are very strong and good from infants to toddlers to carry when you are having big travel plans and wants to take your baby with you.
  4. Baby Slings/WrapsBaby slings or wraps are good only for newborn babies. They are very soft and best for nursing the baby. Can use from newborn to around 4 to 5 months.

So these are some of the important facts and features you need to consider when buying your own baby carrier. Make sure it is well worth the price and ALWAYS make sure to read the reviews when buying baby carriers.

What are the best baby carriers of 2016 

Now let’s go though some of the top and the best baby carriers available on the market. These are best reviewed by actual consumers who used them. They are reasonably priced and can easily be bought. let’s go though some of the top ones by price:

Bjorn Original
Top selling
From 8–25 lbs
Front & Back carrying
Safe and tested
Perfect fit for newborn
Boba Aira
Top selling
Best for light weight
Easy to clean
For men too
Sash Mei Tai
Best for Newborns
Soft and comfy
Plus parents too
Top selling
Natural position
Cheap best selling!
Bjorn Miracle
from $100
8 - 26 pounds
2 carry position
High quality
3 styles
0–15 months
Safe and tested
Beco Gemini
Weigh (7-35 lbs)
4 carry positions
Great for nursing
High quality
Top selling

These are some of the best rated baby carriers, there are many carriers with other and similar features at different prices. Let’s talk about few of them.

 Boba Baby wrap

Boba baby wrap is one of the top selling baby sling of all time. Very simple and cheap baby wrap with many features for a safe and secure carrying of a newborn. Best for babies under 10 months old, specially for nursing them. This is a perfect one, if you are in need of a wrap baby carrier.

Get Boba Baby wrap

Boba baby wrap top best baby wraps for

Boba baby wrap


  • 95% Cotton/5% Spandex
  • Front and infant hold
  • comfortable for newborns up to 35 pounds
  • Hands-free availability
  • ideal for breastfeeding
  • machine washable 95% French terry cotton/5% spandex

This is a very simple and very good quality made baby wrap. Boba is one of the well known carriers and this is a top selling soft carrier for babies. Available in dozens of different colors so you have many options. Check full review on baby wrap carrier.


 Boba 4G baby carrier

Boba 4g is a new arrival baby carrier and it is an upgrade from Boba’s 3G baby carrier. This is one of the top selling new arrival carrier. This is available in many prints including the one famous Kangaroo print which won many awards for the best baby product designs.

Get Boba’s 4G carrier!

Best kangaroo Boba 4g baby carrier

Boba 4g baby carrier


  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Free from any potential harmful materials or dyes
  • Very comfortable for mother and baby
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Ergonomic Design
  • used from 7-45lbs
  • Up to 58inch wasit band
  • Best for plus size parents of both gender

The bands are elastic so it will fit any size parent. This is also designed for both the male and female carriers, so both parents can use it. Boba is one of the well known carrier which everyone wants. You can read the full review of Boba 4G Carrier.


 Infantino Swift baby carrier for $18

Infantino Swift is probably the cheapest and top selling baby carrier. You can get this under $20 dollars with free shipping on amazon. Best for newborns up to infants of age around 12 months. Very simple, elegant and a strong baby carrier for simple needs.

Get Infantino Swift Carrier

top Infantino Swift cheapest baby carrier

Infantino Swift cheapest baby carrier


  • 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Washable and wipeable fabric
  • Padded head support for the baby
  • Adjustable fit side straps for comfortable baby carrying

This is a very simple and affordable perfect carrier for light needs. You can wear this while doing your household works, shopping or while going for a walk. Infantino has other baby carriers which are very cheap list this. Read Full review of Infantino Swift classic carrier.

 Osprey Packs Poco child carrier

This is backpack child carrier. Best from infants to child of age 2-3. This is a very strong child carrier made up only for special uses such a hiking. Ospery is a great choice of a child carrier. It is built with best quality, tested for safety and 5 star reviewed from customers.

Get Osprey from amazon!

best 2014 top rated child carrier Osprey Packs

Osprey Packs child carrier


  • Large zippered lower compartment for diapers, jackets, and bulky items
  • Padded framing keeps parent and kid comfortable
  • Padded grab handles allow balanced lifting of the child and carrier
  • Removable drool pad affixes with hook and loop closures and side toggles
  • Mesh pockets on ventilated side wings for stowing toys and other small essentials
  • Torso harness can be adjusted to a full six inches
  • Two stretch mesh side pockets provide quick storage for essentials
  • Tensioned mesh back panel maintains airflow for excellent ventilation
  • Measures 13 by 27 by 12 inches (W x H x D):

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