Beco butterfly best baby carrier 2018

Beco butterfly best baby carrier 2018

This is the very amazing and affordable Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier. Another great product from Beco and comes with many features and many options of styles to chose from. Best newborn or toddler carrier for both genders.

Beco baby carriers are the best for safety. There are many belts and buckles to keep your baby safe. Sometimes it can also be a con when removing the belts, which can be little time consuming.

This specific baby carrier, the butterfly ii is one of the very affordable carrier. It is available in lovely charming colors. Made up by very soft and strong material. It can be used as a back carrier and the front Carrier. 2 in one baby carrier at once for your amazing parenting.


  1. Front/Back Soft Structured Baby Carrier with removable head rest
  2. Removable infant insert, built in child safety seat
  3. Instructional booklet and DVD included.
  4. newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs/3.5 – 20 kg).
  5. Front and back carry.
  6. Easy On and OFF features. H
  7. igh quality tested materials.
  8. Machine washable.
  9. printed instructions included.


  1. Body 13″ wide x 16″ tall.
  2. shoulder straps 23″ (can be adjusted up to 22″ LONGER for a total of 45″).
  3. Waist belt 28″(size 0) can be adjusted up to 57″.
  4. weight capacity of the carrier: 7-45 lbs.
  5. weight of the carrier: 1.8 lbs

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The best beco butterfly baby carrier for back and front carrier toddler and babies

The best beco butterfly baby carrier for back and front carrier toddler and babies

Let’s see to some customer reviews,

I’ve tried several carriers. The Moby was perfect when my hungry milk monster was a newborn, but once he got over 15 lbs, I needed a carrier with more structure. The Ergo was perfect for mommy and daddy–very sturdy and structured, with a very practical pocket for wallet, phone, keys etc. But this is hands down the baby’s favorite carrier, so it gets the most use. I think the softer (compared to the Ergo) cotton body is cozier for him. It’s more huggy, like the Moby. This is the first carrier since the Moby that my son can easily fall asleep in. He even tolerates me carrying him around the house in it, which he never did with any other carrier. So I can sometimes hang a bit of laundry or do a little tidying up while baby watches or naps.

But Beco! Why can’t you put a pocket on this thing? I hardly want to carry a purse or backpack when I’ve got over 20 lbs of baby on me. And isn’t the point of any carrier to be hands-free? Beco, please add a pocket to the next version and it’ll be worth five stars

Beco baby carriers are always reviewed highly. This is one of the similar, very affordable and best quality baby carrier. People tend to notice one drawback in these baby carriers. That is the beco baby carriers come without pockets. It is not a major problem, but still if you are in need of a baby carrier with pockets, then go for another brand.

Back carrier and front carrier the best beco butterfly baby carrier for 2018

Back carrier and front carrier the best beco butterfly baby carrier for 2018

You don’t have to keep the baby in his or her bed to do your household items or to go out and get fresh air. You can comfortably carry the baby around. Beco carriers are best known for the safety.

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